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Title : Invitation for appointment of manpower like cook, MLSS, guard, sweeper and gardener by outsourcing
Tender ID : 1808140120 Procuring Place : Dhaka
Type : Invitation for Tender (1st Time Call)
Inviter : Department of Women Affairs
Doc. Price : Tk 1000
Security Amt. : Tk 30000
Published On : 14-Aug-18 (2 days back) [Janakantha]
Closed On : 04-Sep-18 (19 days more) at 01:00 PM
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Title : Invitation for enlistment of contractor for supply of office-stationery items, printing & binding of book & journal, repairing & servicing of vehicle, supply of spare-parts, tyre-tubes & battery for vehicle, civil works & maintenance works, supply, repair & maintenance of computer, telephone, fax and PABX-system
Tender ID : 1808090088 Procuring Place : Dhaka
Type : Invitation for Enlistment (1st Time Call)
Inviter : Bangladesh Institute of Development Studies (BIDS)
Doc. Price : Tk 500 for each group
Security Amt. : See image for details
Published On : 09-Aug-18 (7 days back) [Shamokal]  Also published on
09-Aug-18 (7 days back) [Ittefaq]
Closed On : 06-Sep-18 (21 days more)
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Title : Invitation for supply, installation, testing and commissioning of laboratory equipment/instrument (for characterization and testing) like porometry, micro-cum-macro hardness tester, thermal evaporator and RTA furnace and spin coater
Tender ID : 1808020035 Procuring Place : Dhaka
Type : Invitation for Tender (1st Time Call, International)
Inviter : Bangladesh University of Engineering & Technology (BUET)
Doc. Price : See image for details
Security Amt. : See image for details
Published On : 02-Aug-18 (14 days back) [Daily Star]  Also published on
02-Aug-18 (14 days back) [Ittefaq]
Closed On : 18-Sep-18 (33 days more) at 02:30 PM
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Title : Request for Proposal (RFP) for production of TV spots (or public service announcements) for USAID Ujjiban and behavior change communication project
Tender ID : 1808010113 Procuring Place : Dhaka
Type : Request for Proposal (Retender, International)
Inviter : Johns Hopkins Centre for Communication Programs (CCP)
Doc. Price : N/A
Security Amt. : N/A
Published On : 01-Aug-18 (15 days back) [TenderBazar]
Closed On : 30-Aug-18 (14 days more) at 04:00 PM
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