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Title : Invitation for procurement of modern apparatus (software based) for verification of law of conservation of linear momentum, modern apparatus for experiment in photoelectric effect for lab, supply and installation of split type air-conditioner, making of central store and outsourcing of photocopy services
Tender ID : 1906180145 Procuring Place : Dhaka
Type : Invitation for Tender (1st Time Call)
Inviter : East West University (EWU)
Doc. Price : Tk 300
Security Amt. : See image for details
Published On : 18-Jun-19 (3 days back) [TenderBazar]  Also published on
18-Jun-19 (3 days back) [Daily Star]
18-Jun-19 (3 days back) [Ittefaq]
Closed On : 04-Jul-19 (13 days more) at 02:00 PM
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Title : Invitation for supply of mosur dal and soyabean-oil (2 Lots)
Tender ID : 1906110061 Procuring Place : Chittagong
Type : Invitation for Tender (1st Time Call)
Inviter : Office of the Police Super (SP)
Doc. Price : Tk 750, 750 respectively
Security Amt. : Tk 50000, 50000 respectively
Published On : 11-Jun-19 (10 days back) [New Age]  Also published on
12-Jun-19 (9 days back) [Shamokal]
Closed On : 30-Jun-19 (9 days more) at 12:00 PM
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Title : Invitation for procurement of SPC pole (3 Lots)
Tender ID : 1905250011 Procuring Place : Dhaka
Type : Invitation for Tender (1st Time Call)
Inviter : Bangladesh Power Development Board (BPDB)
Doc. Price : Tk 20000
Security Amt. : Tk 1300000, 4275000, 5800000 respectively
Published On : 25-May-19 (27 days back) [Shamokal]  Also published on
26-May-19 (26 days back) [Daily Sun]
26-May-19 (26 days back) [Independent]
25-May-19 (27 days back) [Bangladesh Protidin]
Closed On : 25-Jun-19 (4 days more) at 11:00 AM
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